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Ericeira: Surfers paradise

Ericeira stands as a beacon for surf enthusiasts seeking the perfect wave. Renowned as a World Surfing Reserve, this charming fishing town has transformed into a global mecca for wave riders, attracting surfers of all levels to its pristine shores. 

The Waves of Ericeira: A Surfer's Dream Come True 

Ericeira boasts a diverse array of waves, catering to surfers of all skill levels. From the powerful and challenging waves to the more forgiving breaks, there's something for everyone. The consistency of the waves throughout the year makes Ericeira an ideal destination for surfers looking to ride the waves without interruption. 

World Surfing Reserve Status: Preserving the Paradise 

In 2011, Ericeira was declared a World Surfing Reserve, recognizing its ecological, cultural, and historical significance to the surfing world. This status is a testament to the community's commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area and maintaining the delicate balance between human enjoyment and environmental conservation. 

Surf Culture in Ericeira: A Way of Life   

Ericeira's surf culture is deeply ingrained in its identity. The town exudes a laid-back vibe, with surf shops, cozy cafes, and beachside shacks lining the streets. Locals and visitors alike share a common love for the ocean, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the surfing lifestyle. 

Surf Schools and Retreats: Learning from the Pros 

For those new to surfing or looking to improve their skills, Ericeira has several offers of surf schools and retreats. Experienced instructors, many of whom are locals intimately familiar with the waves, provide personalized guidance to help surfers of all levels harness the power of the ocean. Whether it's a day lesson or a week-long retreat, Ericeira provides the perfect environment for surfers to refine their craft. 


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